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To preserve the appearance of shoes recommend the following:

It is not recommended to wear model shoes on a leather sole in wet weather. If you use leather-soled shoes outdoors, use sole protection.

When buying footwear it is necessary to pay great attention to the right choice of the size you need, because in case of discrepancy between the size of the shoe and your foot a number of problems can arise – changes in the shape of the shoes, the seams break, there are cracks and breaks.

When putting on shoes, use the special spoon, this will help prevent the heel seam from tearing and keep the shape of the shoe.

Do not wear the same pair of shoes every day, allow the shoes to dry and take their original shape.

Do not wear patent-leather shoes or leather-soled shoes in wet, rainy or snowy weather. Remember that in low temperatures the thin leather sole and varnish may burst. Store your shoes in a cardboard box, cloth bag or special closet.

FOR LEATHER, PATENT AND CLOTH. Remove dirt, wipe with a damp soft cloth. Avoid excessive use of force so as not to damage the fibres of the outer layer of the material. Then we recommend drying and treating the garments (footwear). For lacquered items, special care products should be used.

FOR SUEDE, VELOUR AND NUBUCK. Remove dirt with a brush and straighten the nap with a rubber brush. Avoid excessive use of force, as this can damage the fibres of the outer layer. Treat the clean surface with a care product for suede and velour.

We recommend the following care instructions for your shoes:

Model shoes and fine leather shoes should not be worn on gravel, gravel, snow, or exposed to de-icing reagents or technical salt.

It is not recommended to wear shoes with natural leather soles without sole protection, as well as model shoes with suede, velour and other fabrics in accordance with the current fashion trend, in rainy weather. A change in the color of the upper when exposed to water is not a defect.

Please note that model shoes cannot be recommended to people who have changes in the foot (flat feet, bones, severe swelling), because this leads to uneven load on the shoes.

If you wear model shoes on water, snow, in wet or snowy weather, in severe frost and did not take into account all the above recommendations, you violate the rules of wear and care.

Please note that during the use of leather shoes is possible staining of the lining associated with the use of natural, environmentally friendly dyes, which is not a defect.

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