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About fetish and boots by Andrew


Doctor of science Valerie Steele-author of seventeen books, including “Fetish: fashion, sex and power” – says the following: “Fetish is a story that only pretends to be a thing. In other words, he is not a Shoe or a corset, but “stories” in which these objects are participants of sexual fantasies. The line separating fantasy from the development of designers is so thin that it sometimes can not be distinguished.”

About fetish and boots by Andrew

This, is by no means foolish woman, the first made relations fashion and fetishism the subject of scientific studying. Dear women, today it is so fashionable to be clever – so let’s delve into science for a moment and examine these facets.

Men are famous fetishists. And the main objects of their desire – stockings, high heels and beautiful underwear. We will omit the latter for reasons of delicacy, but the first two points will be discussed in detail and in detail. But, in order to avoid spreading thoughts on the tree, I propose to combine them into one. Especially since there is a very suitable object in honor of our research declared scientific – Gianmarco boots Lorenzi. Or shoes like them.

About fetish and boots by Andrew

Still a favorite of all Sigmud Freud argued that boots-the perfect object of male fetishism. Nothing has changed over time. Thus were born the boots. So unrecognizably changed boots, some of which are almost no different in shape. Boots changed the world forever. Almost every self-respecting firm is committed to release a pair of boots. Not everybody does. However, perhaps I am too selective and spoiled by the quality of Gianmarco Lorenzi.

But let’s not get distracted. The scientific approach requires meaning. So, colleagues, I ask you to focus and pay attention to the following fact: with the help of Gianmarco Lorenzi boots, or shoes of the above brand, effective therapy is possible, aimed at the treatment of sexual deviations that have the character of fetishism. And a lot of them, and they all require fast and effective intervention: retifism, partialism, pygmalionism, foot not to be confused with “food” –fetishism, L&C. Let’s briefly discuss each of these phenomena and other possible interference.

Types of fetishism

Retifism – fetishism of shoes by the name of the French writer Nicolas Retif de La Bretonne, the master of this topic. The concept includes a fetish of all leather products. The pathological form of deviation: a passion for the human skin. Pathology is a threat to the individual and society. Therapy: viewing site photos, daily purchase and use of genuine leather shoes and accessories until complete remission.

About fetish and boots by Andrew

Pygmalionism – getting satisfaction from the possession and use of art. Extreme forms: the fetishization of porn production and sadistic pygmalionism associated with the desire to destroy an art object that a fetishist can not get at his disposal. As a result – vandalism, armed robberies, schizophrenia, criminal prosecution. Pathology prevention: purchase of Gianmarco Lorenzi, Loriblu, Baldinini shoes, Rodo bags, Unique U, Renato Angi, Nilukica, John Galliano shoes and Noosa accessories for personal use; continuous replenishment of own collection, careful storage of art objects and frequent demonstration of exhibits to others (for example, the organization of exhibitions), and also visit of fashionable institutions, youtube channels.


About fetish and boots by Andrew
Foot fetish-attraction to feet and toes, and subjects of footwear. Famous representatives: Giacomo Casanova, Enrique Iglesias, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Ricky Martin, Elvis Presley, Britney Spears, Quentin Tarantino. As a rule, treatment does not require, does not pose a threat to society, but there may be outbreaks of uncontrolled shopaholism and inadequate behavior.

L & C Lift and Carry – the desire to be raised and carried on hands. The process of physical interaction, usually not violent. L&C elements are widely represented in dance, show, circus genres, synchronized swimming and wrestling. L & C is also a fetish for the casual observer. Does not require treatment, on the contrary, in itself has a therapeutic and preventive effect in insomnia and migraines due to nervous, mental and physical strain.

About fetish and boots by Andrew

So, gentlemen, carry the ladies in your arms. But L & C does not attract every man, especially with insufficient muscle mass. Beautiful shoes can deprive a man of the ability to think sensibly and reason logically. My youtube channel will help you.

Gianmarco Lorenzi: is not a medicine or a dietary Supplement, has no side effects, does not require expert advice. Be good, buy Gianmarco Lorenzi.


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